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Ambicare Health Ltd has developed a portfolio of wearable light sources for medical and consumer healthcare applications. The company's products build upon patented technologies in ambulatory lighting for skin treatment.

Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd is developing the next generation of affordable, implantable micro blood pumps for the treatment of chronic heart failure.
Destiny Pharma is an innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of novel antimicrobial products.
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Domainex is a drug discovery company with a reputation for speed and innovation built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery. It has a world class discovery team with an unrivaled track record.
iPulse has developed a uniquely safe and effective way to deliver Intense Pulsed Light ("IPL") therapy.

It has been widely developed by medical practitioners and beauty therapists, across the professional market globally for over 10 years.
Sky Medical's technology uses an electro-stimulation device to cause the nerves at the back of the leg to trigger a contraction of the calf, shin and foot muscles.

Further applications lie in sports medicine.
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