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Philosophy & Objectives

Investors are attracted to the prospect of making exceptional returns from investment in alternative assets. Longbow’s primary objective is to identify opportunities to deliver such gains, whilst also offering investors valuable tax reliefs, which can reduce both the costs and risks as well as optimise profitable returns generated through capital growth. Longbow advocates that investors develop a broad portfolio of investments to balance chances of success and reward. The ‘portfolio’ approach is regarded as an essential feature for private investment in unquoted companies. Longbow offers a discretionary managed portfolio service, where each investor, for tax and legal purposes, will be the beneficial owner of the shares purchased and cash held in safe custody.


Longbow has shifted its focus towards later stage opportunities in unquoted companies, whilst continuing to bring its current portfolio of companies to the point of delivering returns to investors. Later stage businesses will be well-established, seeking private capital to develop and expand, prior to attracting institutional investment. Such businesses need to be committed to becoming candidates for IPO's or acquisitions by larger corporates.


Longbow selects businesses which are:


  • UK-based unquoted Qualifying Companies

  • Run by capable management with proven track records

  • Offering new methods/ways to address existing or un-met demands

  • Evolutionary and progressive, rather than revolutionary

  • Commercialising technology, products or services that may disrupt or compete with market leaders

  • Seeking to raise capital, generally within the range of £1m to £10m

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