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Longbow Capital

Longbow Capital is a leading investor in UK-based, unquoted companies, predominantly in the health and well-being sector. The Partners have combined experience of investing in over 50 unquoted companies.


Longbow identifies investment opportunities in emerging UK-based companies that offer scope to generate exceptional returns for investors.


There is significant tax relief offered to UK private investors investing in Qualifying Companies based in the UK. Tax relief is available through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) against income tax and capital gains tax, as well as through Business Property Relief (BPR) against inheritance tax. Investments may also be eligible to be held within SIPP portfolios.


Our investments may not be suitable for all investors. Unquoted investments are high risk and usually illiquid until a Company is sold or floated on a recognised exchange.


Longbow client investors need to be High Net Worth Individuals and private investors who can be classified as Elective Professional Clients, in accordance with FCA rules.

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