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How to apply


In order to invest, please read the Information Memorandum (as below), complete the Application form and return it to


Application Form


Subscription Details


  • Offer Size: up to £10 million

  • Minimum individual Subscription: £25,000

  • Minimum LPS size: £250,000

  • Opening date: 1 February 2014

  • Closing Dates: 31 March each tax year for EIS reliefs in the same/previous tax year

Key Tax Reliefs

​Please refer to the Tax benefits page for a comprehensive list of available Tax reliefs by clicking here.

Risk Warnings

An investment in the LPS should be based on all the information in the Information Memorandum, particularly the Risk Factors section in Appendix 1, and not just this document. If you are in any doubt about what action to take you should take professional advice from their appropriately qualified financial or tax adviser.


Some of the key risks are as follows:


  • The value of any Investment made by the Portfolio Service may fall or in some cases incur a total loss. Investors may not receive back the full amount invested

  • No guarantees can be given as to the investment performance or the level of return achieved from the Investments made or that the overall objectives of the Portfolio Service will be achieved

  • Investment will be in companies whose securities are not publicly traded or freely marketable, therefore realisations of such Investments can be difficult and may take considerable time. There may also be constraints imposed on the realisation of Investments by reason of the need to maintain the tax status of an Investment in the Investee Companies

  • Investors should not invest in LPS if they require income. The level of income, generated from dividends from the underlying Investments and interest earned on funds awaiting Investment, is likely to be low

  • Where an Investor or an Investee Company ceases to maintain EIS or BPR status in relation to any individual Investment, it could result in loss of some or all of the available relief (together with a possible charge of interest thereon)

  • The levels and bases of reliefs from taxation may change or such relief may be withdrawn. The tax reliefs referred to in this Memorandum are those currently available and their value depends on the individual circumstances of the Investor

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